Corporate Carbon Advisory joins the Australian Organics Recycling Association

Thursday 20 June 2013
Corporate Carbon Advisory is pleased to announce that it has recently joined the Australian Organics Recycling Association Ltd (AORA).  AORA works to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling organic resources and to act as an advocate for the organics resource recovery and reuse industries.
AORA also actively supports its members with a range of information, awards and tools.  The recently launched ‘Compost Benefits Calculator’ assists decision making for different soils applications, including the calculation of nutrient contribution and soil benefits derived from different compost application rates.
“Organics recovery is playing an increasing role in the Australian carbon economy yet is not recognised as such by the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) and there is no ability to monetise carbon abatement efforts through creating Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).  Corporate Carbon is pleased to be able to support AORA in seeking to gain recognition for the carbon abatement efforts of its members,” said Matthew Warnken, Managing Director of Corporate Carbon Advisory.  “The addition of composting activities would easily add about 5 million tonnes of abatement to the Carbon Farming Initiative abatement efforts.”
Paul Coffey, Chairman of AORA said, “We are pleased that Corporate Carbon has joined AORA.  We recognise the groundbreaking work they have done to date in gaining recognition of diversion of organics from landfill as a greenhouse gas abatement activity and we are sure they will be a valuable resource to AORA and its members.”
For more information about the AORA go to:
For further information, contact:
Matthew Warnken
Managing Director
Corporate Carbon Advisory
+61 418 238 040

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