Corporate Carbon Advisory speaks at the Australian Organics Recycling Association workshop

Friday 5 July 2013

Matthew Warnken, Managing Director of Corporate Carbon Advisory, was recently invited to present at the Australian Organic Recyclers Association (AORA) Carbon Committee workshop held in Sydney.  The workshop provided an opportunity for attendees to hear from speakers who presented information on recent policy developments in carbon abatement through the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) and on other carbon opportunities for composters.

Matthew’s presentation examined the carbon value proposition of compost and the important role compost as a carbon abatement activity under the CFI could play if policies were changed.  Matthew also discussed some of the recently approved CFI methodologies and the potential for future methodologies.

“It is a shame that the development of the CFI to date has left nearly five million tonnes of carbon abatement potential ineligible for recognition under the CFI,” said Matthew.  “As the volume of organics disposed of to landfill continues to climb each year, the opportunity to innovate and provide real emission avoidance has been suppressed by the view that diversion of green waste, wood waste and biosolids from landfill and their use as compost is ‘common practice’.  This is one area of the CFI that is in critical need of review.”

“It was a great pleasure having Matthew speak at the workshop,” said Paul Coffee, Chairman of AORA.  “Matthew’s familiarity with the CFI and his past achievements with authoring successful methodologies will benefit AORA as we work to secure recognition that compost has a role to play in Australia’s carbon abatement activities and should be recognised as such under the CFI.”


For further information, contact:

Matthew Warnken
Managing Director
Corporate Carbon Advisory
+61 418 238 040

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