Corporate Carbon Advisory presents at the Navigating the American Carbon World conference in San Francisco

Matthew Warnken, Managing Director of Corporate Carbon Advisory, was recently invited to present on a panel at the Navigating the American Carbon World conference held in San Francisco, California. The conference ran over two days and was attended by companies and organisations interested in climate change policy and carbon markets. The conference focused particularly on California’s cap-and-trade program and other state policies that support emissions reduction.

Matthew presented in a panel discussion on global carbon programs and activities alongside presenters from the International Emissions Trading Association, the World Bank, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Inc., Petróleos Mexicanos and The Climate Registry.

Katie Sullivan, panel moderator and Canadian Policy Director for the International Emissions Trading Association, said, “The panel provided a robust and lively discussion. It was particularly helpful having Matthew’s hands-on experience with the Australian energy market to refer to in the panel discussion.”

The conference provided an understanding of the development of international climate policies and carbon markets and how those markets link together. In the panel discussion, Adrian Bassompierre from the World Bank made the point that a lack of global agreement does not prevent countries from taking action on the ground.

“The key take-home message,” said Matthew, “was that our panel demonstrated the need for robust domestic offsets markets to kick-start a commercial greenhouse abatement engine with national and international relevance.”

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