Dairy Manufacturers’ Sustainability Council invites Corporate Carbon Advisory to present at forum

The Dairy Manufacturers’ Sustainability Council today held a members’ forum on energy use in dairy processing. The dairy industry is the third largest rural industry in Australia, directly employing over fifteen thousand people. The dairy industry has a history of environmental sustainability with significant use of recycled water (26 per cent), and by recycling one-third of their solid wastes.

The major source of energy for the dairy industry is natural gas, making up over 50 per cent of energy use. Other sources include grid electricity, coal, butane, biofuels and LPG gas. As the industry strives to further reduce energy use, it is also investing in less carbon-intensive forms of energy.

Matthew Warnken, Managing Director of Corporate Carbon Advisory, gave a presentation on the role of carbon credits in energy and emissions management. Matthew said in his talk, “The Carbon Farming Initiative creates an avenue by which compliant-ACCUs [Australian carbon credit units] can be created through carbon projects that either enhance carbon sinks, such as soil carbon, or avoid emissions such as methane. The Australian dairy industry already has the potential to create compliant-ACCUs through one of those pathways, by the removal of methane generated from dairy manure in covered anaerobic ponds.”

“The industry stands to benefit from additional pathways that would allow other compliant carbon projects to open up for the dairy industry via future Carbon Offsets Methodology Determinations.” Matthew further explained, “Corporate Carbon has a track record of working with industry to successfully submit Methodology Proposals for endorsement by the Domestics Offsets Integrity Commission and preparing all of the accompanying documentation required for issuance of carbon credits.”

For a copy of the presentation, contact:

Matthew Warnken
Managing Director
Corporate Carbon Advisory
+61 418 238 040