Ontario Government invites Corporate Carbon Advisory to present at Climate Strides Speaker Series

Matthew Warnken, Managing Director of Corporate Carbon Advisory, recently attended a Climate Strides Speaker Series event held in Ontario, Canada.

Matthew gave a presentation on greenhouse gas mitigation activities in Australia, concentrating on the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) and experiences and lessons learnt by Corporate Carbon Advisory whilst engaging in the CFI process. The presentation was well attended by government officials from the Ministry of the Environment and other departmental representatives, providing further opportunities for discussion after the presentation.

“It was refreshing to engage with bureaucrats who were receptive to adopting a pragmatic approach that fast-tracks greenhouse gas abatement rather than a perfectionist approach that curtails innovation and commercial project initiation,” said Matthew.

Matthew suggested that governments would do well to understand the challenges of procuring investment in carbon projects and that increased regulatory uncertainty results in decreased capital investment. “It should be the goal of government to work creatively with private sector project developers to cultivate genuine, large-scale abatement while maintaining procedural rigour,” Matthew noted. “Access to insights from the Canadian Government gives Corporate Carbon a useful international perspective to deliver better outcomes for clients in Australia.”

For further information, contact:

Matthew Warnken
Managing Director
Corporate Carbon Advisory
+61 418 238 040