New market solutions

Corporate Carbon creates new pathways to profit through innovative carbon management.

We work with businesses, partners and investors to deliver commercial value from greenhouse gas abatement projects and from managing energy and emissions.  

Can you create carbon credits?

The Australian Carbon Farming Initiative enables projects to gain added commercial value from greenhouse gas abatement, especially for companies operating in the agriculture, forestry and waste sectors. 

However, the rules involved are complex. You will need expert help to gain full advantage from the Initiative.

Find out how Corporate Carbon can help your business generate carbon credits.

How you can participate in the Emissions Reduction Fund?

The Australian Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) enables projects to gain added commercial value from greenhouse gas abatement, especially for companies operating in the agriculture, energy efficiency and waste sectors.

The ERF is the Australian Government's mechanism for purchasing carbon abatement, in the form Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), from ERF projects.  

The Corporate Carbon team has a strong track record in finding solutions for projects to access the ERF.

Find out how Corporate Carbon can provide a one-stop-shop to participate in the ERF.

News from Corporate Carbon


International Environmental Trust backs Australian Soil Carbon System
The Grantham Environmental Trust has invested in AgriProve an Australian agricultural startup to commercialise soil carbon solutions that improve agricultural productivity while sequestering carbon and mitigating climate change. 


World's first soil carbon project to earn credits under Paris

Today marks an important milestone in the transition of agriculture from a source of greenhouse gas emissions to significant carbon sink. Corporate Carbon is proud to receive the first carbon credits issued for a soil carbon project under the Emissions Reduction Fund. See videoRead More...

Today the much-anticipated method for the measurement of soil carbon sequestration in agricultural systems which was developed by the Department of Environment and Energy was made publicly available.

Corporate Carbon plays a role in convening the Soil Carbon Practitioners Industry Working Group - an informal collaboration of Emissions Reduction Fund soil carbon project developers.


Corporate Carbon today announced that it had secured a financing deal with Macquarie Bank to further develop land sector projects under the Australian Emissions Reduction Fund.

The Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt joins Corporate Carbon Advisory to visit the Jinglemoney Soil Carbon Project located just outside of Braidwood NSW along with local MP and Assistant Finance Minister Dr Peter Hendy on Monday 16 May.