About Us

Corporate Carbon is an experienced one stop shop for carbon: from credit creation to sale. We enable companies to monetise carbon abatement activities and secure viable returns in the Australian market. We have developed a range of solutions to facilitate participation in the ERF and are working with many of Australia’s leading emissions reduction project developers and owners.

Board of Directors

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Matthew Warnken has formal training in natural resource management, and undergraduate qualifications in Arts and Science from the Australian National University.  He has a Masters of Engineering Research from the University of Sydney, and a business Masters in early stage commercialisation from the University of Adelaide. Matthew has been leading consulting teams around start-up projects in resource recovery and renewable energy for the last two decades.  Matthew has a wide range of experience.  From a practical and operational perspective he led the establishment of a wood derived fuel pilot plant for a cement kiln.  From a carbon markets perspective he led a client through the accreditation process with Greenhouse Friendly, to secure accreditation for over 300,000 tonnes of voluntary carbon abatement.  Matthew is Managing Director of Corporate Carbon.


Gary Wyatt joined Corporate Carbon having spent the previous thirteen years working in commodities trading for ANZ Banking Group and Rand Merchant Bank.  Gary’s trading experience spans the metals markets (precious and base), petroleum (crude oil and refined products), electricity (Australia and New Zealand) and environmental certificates (Australian, New Zealand and Europe).  Most recently he ran ANZ’s Energy Trading desk, where he oversaw their activity in energy and environmental markets.  He is also experienced in finance, having worked in Standard Bank’s structured finance area.  He holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and a BSc (Honours) degree in financial mathematics.  Gary is Director, Markets and Finance.


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Julian Turecek has an extensive track record in the energy industry spanning some two decades and is currently an executive at Energy Australia.  He has worked for ASX Top 50 firms, such as Origin Energy and BHP, as an electricity, gas and environmental markets trader and trading manager, in regulatory and government affairs and in venture capital specialising in the clean energy sector.  He is recognised as a subject matter expert in carbon trading, having taught a post-graduate course in Carbon Finance at Macquarie University’s Applied Finance Centre.  He holds a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (Hons), a Bachelor in Commerce and a Master of Applied Finance.  Julian is also an Honorary Fellow at Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre.  Julian joined Corporate Carbon in March 2013 as a Non-Executive Director.