International Environmental Trust backs Australian Soil Carbon System

The Grantham Environmental Trust has invested in AgriProve an Australian agricultural startup to commercialise soil carbon solutions that improve agricultural productivity while sequestering carbon and mitigating climate change. The deal between the Grantham Trust's Neglected Climate Opportunities program and the innovative Australian company will be worth AU$2.5 million when fully exercised as part of an initial seeding round of investment.

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New soil carbon agricultural systems method a gamechanger for industry

Today the much-anticipated method for the measurement of soil carbon sequestration in agricultural systems which was developed by the Department of Environment and Energy was made publicly available.

'This new methodology is a potential gamechanger for mainstreaming the creation of carbon credits from agriculture', said Matthew Warnken, Managing Director of Corporate Carbon. 'Importantly it provides farm owners and managers across the whole agricultural spectrum a strong incentive to integrate world class soil measurement and management practices to improve soil health into on-farm operations'.

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Soil Carbon Practitioners Industry Working Group submission on new Agricultural Systems Method

The Soil Carbon Practitioners Industry Working Group (SCPIWG) is an informal collaboration of Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) soil carbon project developers.

The group was formed in response to the many opportunities and challenges presented by soil carbon projects. The work to date developing methodologies under the Carbon Farming Initiative and Emissions Reduction Fund, in combination with the efforts of pioneering project developers, have put Australia in a global leadership position on soil carbon measurement, reporting and verification (MRV). Members of the SCPIWG have collectively invested millions in operationalising soil ERF carbon projects, and are positioned to increase this investment to more than A$100 million over the next few years.

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Corporate Carbon Advisory and Climate Friendly announce a successful project issued with Australian Carbon Credit Units

Corporate Carbon Advisory and Climate Friendly are pleased to announce their success in gaining approvals for the Biomass Solutions Waste Diversion Project under the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI). The Clean Energy Regulator issued Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) in late November after a lengthy process of project development. The process involved the submission of a new methodology for approval, establishment of a new methodology determination, preparation of offset reports and a compliance audit prior to the ACCUs being issued.

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Corporate Carbon Advisory submission to the Emissions Reduction Fund Terms of Reference

Corporate Carbon Advisory made a submission to the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) Terms of Reference in November. The Terms of Reference was released on 16 October 2013 and interested parties were invited to make submissions on ERF design. Submissions will be used as part of establishing Government options for ERF operation. ERF is a central component of the Direct Action Plan to support low cost abatement in Australia and will expand the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI).

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Corporate Carbon Advisory presents at Woolworths’ Agricultural Business Scholarship program

Corporate Carbon Advisory was invited to present at the Woolworths’ Agricultural Business Scholarship program held at the Woolworths headquarters in Sydney. The program was developed in 2007 in order to nurture the development of talent for young people involved in the agricultural sector in Australia. The program is also involved with business education for young people in agriculture.

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